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 [WTS] Super Red Arowana - 10 tails

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PostSubject: [WTS] Super Red Arowana - 10 tails   Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:22 pm

As salam.. Nama saya Faiz, empunya kolam di Kuala Kangsar, Perak berhajat nak tolak share saya. Content ni saya copy paste dari tempat lain naa. Very Happy

Item(s): Super Red Arowana - 10 tails

Package includes: 10 tails of Super Red Arowanas are up for sale and ready to be taken out. 3 male, 7 female. Arowanas are 4 years old and above. Packs a a very healthy and in an immaculate condition. Harvested before and well taken care of. Each measured between 18 to 24 inches. Arowanas are located in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Certificate and code chips will be given out. As far as my concern, this is the lowest price I am giving out to the market for the breed these size, age and condition. Though, it is up for negotiation and for serious buyer. Viewable upon appointment. Buyers bare the collection and transportation. Payment method is either cash/direct bank in or bank draft. Due to security issues, I am not accepting any type of cheques. Thank you.

Price: Tak berani bukak harga sebab harga duk fluctuate kemain. As for my concern, la ni induk harga dalam RM13,000 ye dak? Jadi, offer me your best price for 10 tails altogether, kita boleh sembang.

Warranty: Buyer bare the collection and transportation.

Dealing method: Cash, direct bank in or bank draft. No cheques.

Location of seller: Seller is based in Ipoh. Fishes are located at Kuala Kangsar.

Contact method/details: Faiz: +6016-2952536

Age of item: 4 years and above.

Item(s) conditions: Healthy and immaculate without any injuries or medical condition.

Reason for sale: I own 1/3 of the pond. Due to personal financial constraint, I decided to withdraw from the investment. Thus, I am selling my share of investment in the pond and willing to giving others opportunity in investing into this beautiful creation, either for breeding or personal collection.

Picture: Taken on day of harvest. 12th February 2013.

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[WTS] Super Red Arowana - 10 tails
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